Friday, April 25, 2014

Career Path Extra Credit

Extra Credit! Career Path Research

What? Extra Credit opportunity in Writing, Reading Research, and Presenting

When? Starting Tuesday, April 24th and ending Thursday, May 15th

Why? To learn about the possible career paths that await you. To gain extra motivation and focus to do your best work in school and strive to reach full potential.


1. Complete the webquest link in the links bar.

2. Prepare an essay based on the "outline" in the webquest (with help) based on the following prompt.

3. Create a Prezi, Powerpoint, or brochure to share your research.

4. Prepare a one to three minute speech to inform us about the career of your interest.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Fun with Fossils


Fossil Fabricator

Walking with Beasts Fossil Games

Identify and Label the Fossils

Fossil Jigsaw Puzzles

Dino Dig!

National Geographic Kids

Monday, April 22, 2013

Upcoming Events in C4

Here are a few dates I wanted everyone to be aware of in the coming month!

This Thursday, April 25th  is "Take your Child to Work Day". Please send a note to the office excusing your child if they will be with you that day.

This Friday April 26th we will be having our April Birthday Party and will have Floppy Friday!

Thursday May 2nd we will be headed to Champoeg Park on a field trip and it is Family Fun Night at Forest Ridge!

Friday, May 3rd is no school for students due to inservice day for teachers.

Monday, May 27th is a Holiday so No School

Friday, May 31st is Down By the Riverside and we will be celebrating May Birthdays!

Any questions...shoot me an email.

More with Fractions!

Here is another website that you can visit to practice working with fractions.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fractions in C4

Here is yet another website to practice working with Fractions...check it out!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Happy Friday C4 Families!

The sun is shining and your kiddos have just left the building. Just wanted to give you a quick update on a few things happening in C4.

First, we have been working very hard on Area and Perimeter in math this week. If possible please talk at home about real life application of this. We have done a lot with finding the amount of carpet for a room and the sq. ft. of wall space we want to paint. I asked everyone to come back Monday with more ideas.

Second, all week we have been writing fun introductory paragraphs for expository opinion papers. The key to this is that they need to follow a plan. They start with a "hook" then give their opinion on the topic and finally support their opinion with three reasons. Ask them to tell you about "Teachers Vs. Doctors". We wrote on that topic today and had very fun results.

Third, this week was chattier than usual. I had negative reports back both days in Music and students wrote letters telling Mrs. Lerman what they would work harder on next week. Also today the same type of report came back from Library. As I send home ClassDojo reports for the week you will likely see this in their scores. I am asking that you talk at home about the importance of being respectful listeners.

Fourth, I changed my homework days this week. From now on I will send them home with the orange reading sheet on Monday and a writing assignment in their green spirals. Both are due that Friday. The only weekend homework they will have is the RAH and Fast Falcon Facts. Please continue to ask if they are doing both every day.

Finally, next week is Valentine's Day on Thursday. Students went home today with a list of classmates names. They are to create a box to recieve their Valentines and bring it next Thursday. I am wondering if I might have a few Parents that would like to be in charge of our party. One idea I thought of was to create Area and Perimeter cookies as a class project. I am totally open to any and all ideas. Our party will be 2-3.

Email me with your ideas and or questions!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Mrs. Amy Randall
4th Grade
Forest Ridge Elementary